We design drone light show solutions

to create the fireworks of the future !

At Drotek Events, innovation is at the heart of our business. Our motto: push the technological limits of today to create the tools of tomorrow. Therefore, we develop innovative and easy-to-use UAV solutions to boost your business. Discover IO STAR, a new drone light show technology, so that you can give your customers a unique air show. Captivate your audience certainly with latest drone light show technology. Leverage our technology in order to empower your events ! Create stunning outdoor drone light shows. Forthwith, meet the IO Star, undoubtedly, the lightest drone on the market !

Made in France
What Do We Do ?

IO Star

IO Star drotek drone




190 X 190 X 52 MM (without propellers)




4 m/s


25 minutes

The Ground Control Station

The GCS consists of all the electronic devices attached making it into an all-in-one control station, i.e the RTK GNSS module with its antenna and the radio communication module with drones as well as the module where the web application is embedded.

The Software

Drotek develops Hardware & Software in-house, so that, our Ground Control Module is supplied with a secure local web application that allows to manage your drones. Connect likewise your PC/laptop/ tablet to the ethernet port of this module, or by Wi-Fi and access the application using your favorite browser. Not only fast, but also secure!

What Do We Offer ?

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Inspire Your Audience With Drone Light Show Technology

Give your audience a magnificent light show with our IO Star drones. For sure, you will thrill everyone while Drotek’s drones are dancing in the air.



Secure high-performance choreography swarms because of the encrypted communication and precise position estimation of Drotek’s drones.



In a word, our drones are the lightest, so that leads to an easier transport to your show location. Hence, take more drones for less space ! Make a big show with small drones.


Drotek is a French company located in the South of France. The group has 3 areas of expertise: Electronics – Robotics – Drone Light Show